Garbage war in Malaga

The popular resort city of Malaga in Spain is drowning in garbage heaps. According to various sources on the streets it has accumulated from 1200 to 4000 tons of garbage and it is added at a rate of approximately 500 tons per day. The reason was a strike Limasa employees responsible for the collection of garbage in the city. Dvornikov angered news on the reduction of annual leave.
Due to strike the city of Malaga City Hall has allowed residents free to leave rubbish in the municipal dump. The historic city center, shopping streets littered with a lot of waste, the containers are filled, not the best situation in the university area and industrial zones.
Malaga is one of the largest tourist centers in Andalusia and attracts tourists from around the world, including many of our compatriots. of Tourism and Commerce Advisor Rafael Rodriguez said that to date the strike “has no impact on the tourism sector”, however, it has affected the image of Malaga.
We hope to resolve the issue of garbage of war in this beautiful city

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